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Saya cardigan charcoal grey

As low as €185

This kimono is our geisha statement. Mysterious and reserved, or perhaps an unexpected burst of inspiration? Either way you’re a step ahead of others when wearing it.

100% fine wool

100% recyclable

100% traceable

Oeko-Tex certified yarn and labels

Made in Estonia

In stock

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eu size34-3840-42

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It is best not to wash wool at all or as rarely as possible. Wool takes care of itself best. If you aired out your clothes loosely and uncovered for at least 24 hours after wearing them, merino wool will do most of the maintenance itself. You can hand wash it or dry clean. Wash with delicate detergent. Dry flat. Reshape during wet.

Woolish uses ecological wool from Engraw S.A

All of our wool is sourced from Engraw S.A., one of the world’s top wool producers. Located in the beautiful pastoral regions of Uruguay, Engraw S.A. has been in the wool business since 1951. They are also a world leader in environmental practices and renewable energy (94% of the energy used by their mills is from wind power), making them double-super awesome.

We are all born Woolish.

We are all born Woolish. It’s not a choice. As humans, we all love and crave comfort. We all yearn to look our best and feel great. We all love to feel confident, stand out in a crowd and exude effortless cool. We all love fun, joy and pleasurable activity. We are all connected to nature and our mother earth.


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