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We´ve been messing around with wool since 1928. So, it´s quite a long time, 92 YEARS to be exact!!! Our family has been acting woolish for almost a century and we still haven’t had enough. Actually, we’re just getting started - we have electricity now and WiFi and all those fancy stuff to outsource the best materials, educate ourselves, make us look smart… And then of course educate you:)! But that´s our mission, so you don´t have to deal with it and can focus on your own shhh……opping experience.

Natural fibers are good for variety of reasons, we are kind of stuck with wool and will use it as many ways as possible. Wool is so multifunctional, you can either knit underwear from it or even use it for insulating your house. DYK wool resists wrinkles and wool hair are like small springs that keep your ride smooth. It´s strong and retains its shape. It has a complex shield that protects your garment from getting dirty. The best superpower of wool is that it resists flames! It simply doesn´t support combustion. We’ve been trying to get hold of Bruce Wills, we want to donate one of our sweaters for Die Hard 6 as they can handle some serious crawling in air shafts, jumping through flames, diving off a jet or running through a burning building - and after all that you still smell good since it´s odor repellent.

Wool sweaters are very durable thanks to multi-fibers. The fabric is comfortable in all Four Seasons, I mean the hotel chain, and in addition you can wear it all year round, it keeps a layer of air next to the skin and rejects moisture. We get our wool from the sheep gangs. They are cool, they gather to the hair salon and humans trim their fur, then they get free food and shelter as well. After a while they grow their hair back again and so the cycle goes on and on. Wool is 100% recyclable, when your item has really fulfilled its purpose you basically can mix it into your garden compost. It’s a super Eco material - 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Why merino wool?

It’s the ultimate Eco material - 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. Merino is super soft on skin but also strong and retaining its shape, making it a very durable material. It has a natural protective shield complex that keeps your garment from getting dirty. You can use it all year round, it´s breathable, keeps a layer of air next to the skin and repels moisture.


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