Woolish X Stella Soomlais

We have some exciting news! In this May we joined our forces with Stella Soomlais studio. Why you may ask?!

The greatest value for our brands are our closest ones - family and friends. They are the reason we keep going, with who you can have a laugh and share moments. Therefore, in a collaboration with Stella Soomlais studio, we have come out with a limited edition #bewoolish wristband. It's made out of light beige leather and it has an adjustable strap. This wristband is symbolising friendship and support between two brands. You can also share these emotions with your loved ones. Surprise your mom on upcoming mothers day or your friend who you haven't seen in a while. Maybe you feel like you yourself have earned this little reward by staying home this long. When you buy Woolish products for 100€ in this May, Stella Soomlais pastel coloured #bewoolish wristband will come as a gift to you! Doesn't matter if the goods are from the new collection or older one. You can choose even from home decor and accessories. Do as you wish! Share emotions and wear local brands! #

Who is Stella Soomlais?

Stella’s aim has always been to create a workspace where people love to work, where clients and friends love to visit again and again and where money isn’t made at the expense of the environment. She wants to prove that you can run a leather studio in a sustainable and innovative way. Her spectacular determination and tenacity has helped her grow her business from a studio of one to a successful company with almost dozen employees. She always finds a solution even to the most complicated problem and she has the remarkable ability to look at the world from different angles. Stella is not only a great boss and teacher but also a good friend.