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  1. Woolish blog

  2. Highlight series with Jane #woolishperson

    Scroll down and find out more about this delicate and wonderful woman, who was the muse for our pineapple series.

  3. Quick Q&A with Anna

    Who didn't know already, then Anna is one of our brand heads. She designs, organises every detail and leads the product development. Mother's Day is coming up and it's suitable to talk about how it is to handle family and brand at the same time and maybe what to gift to your beloved mom. For that reason we took a quick interview with Anna. Check down below!

  4. What does zero-waste mean to Woolish?

    There's a lot to talk about when it comes to zero-waste production.

  5. Mellow Throwback

    After WWII, women went back to their homes, and the colours in their lives changed. Historically, there is often a return towards softer and easier tones after difficult times. A desire to be completely comfortable emerges from the rubble.

  6. Bringing you a retro perspective devoted to men

    We are dreaming of the time that we had ski trips marked in our calendars and luggages packed with warm sweaters. Bringing that feeling to you with these new items.

  7. Woolish X Krõõt Kukkur

    There is always something special in unexpected surprises.

  8. Collection of hats that's never seen before!

    Selecting the perfect hat for the season can be annoying and time-consuming. We think that a hat should be durable, warm, wearable in multiple ways and definitely boost one's confidence. Furthermore, it should carry a fun message.

  9. Woolish X Stella Soomlais

    We have some exciting news! In this May we joined our forces with Stella Soomlais studio. Why you may ask?!

  10. Inside Out – art inspired short movie

  11. Spring lookbook

    It feels like this somber Scandinavian winter is making us to forget all the colors missed by our soaky eyes.


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