Woolish uniqueness

/ˈwulɪʃ / adjective

describes a person who has an original sense for trendy, detail-orientated, sustainable and natural woolen knits

Northern coolness with playful details. Restrained iconic pieces will keep you alive 7 days a week. Thoughtfully picked materials and advanced production create a woolish composition.

Knits with heritage, made in a novel way !

We offer unique journey of natural and sustainable up to date slow fashion garments! We create products from the best materials and with our 100% traceability policy we give you non-material value as a gift on top!

We do relevant natural products for contemporary slow fashion industry by supporting the sustainable and low-consumption lifestyle.

We have 4 generations of craftsmanship and experience in knitwear production. With our authentic design and superior quality production competence we take care of the footprint that we have stepped in for you – you as a client who bought our product will have to carry this knowledge and we want you to enjoy the product and share the message with others. Buy less but better !


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