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Welcome to a century-old tale of drive, inspiration, craftsmanship and pride.

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The story of Woolish is as natural and compelling as our luxurious wool and a journey as beautiful and long lasting as our clothes. As you follow the twists and turns of our storied past, you’ll see that “Woolish” is much more than just a name, a brand, a philosophy or an attitude - it’s a literal force of nature that will not be denied!

WOOLISH is an Estonian knitwear and home textile brand.

We are all born Woolish. It’s not a choice. As humans, we all love and crave comfort. We all yearn to look our best and feel great. We all love to feel confident, stand out in a crowd and exude effortless cool. We all love fun, joy and pleasurable activity. We are all connected to nature and our mother earth. Read More

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Will I ever find any other clothing as perfect as my Woolish attire?! How will I live now? I mean, I can’t just wear ALL wool ALL THE TIME can I?!

Shhhh….be like the sheep.

Our blog
  1. Bringing you a retro perspective devoted to men

    We are dreaming of the time that we had ski trips marked in our calendars and luggages packed with warm sweaters. Bringing that feeling to you with these new items.

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  2. Woolish X Krõõt Kukkur

    There is always something special in unexpected surprises.

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  3. Collection of hats that's never seen before!

    Selecting the perfect hat for the season can be annoying and time-consuming. We think that a hat should be durable, warm, wearable in multiple ways and definitely boost one's confidence. Furthermore, it should carry a fun message.

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